Tavan major areas of expertise are routine quality control release testing as well as analytical R&D support service, which includes method development and validation, stability storage and testing in accordance with ICH guidelines, and comprehensive microbiology services for the pharmaceutical industry.

Tavan performs almost all compendia testing according to USP/NF, EP, BP, JP and ACS monographs.

This can be for raw material, in process or finished produces release testing. Tavan also has expertise handling drug substances, drug products, and most dosage form (tablets, capsules, semi-solid, parenterals and sterile liquids).

The pharmaceutical chemistry department and drug and cosmetics quality control department offer analytical testing and research service in support of the development, approval, and manufacturing

Of pharmaceutical and cosmetic raw material as well as finished products.


Some of TAVAN Projects


A.Formulation and scale up:

-Formulation and scale up of more than pharmaceutical dosage form tablets and capsules.

-Formulation of some new pharmaceutical dosage form, Metformin  and Nitroglycerin extended release  tablets.

-Formulation of fast dissolves tablets.

-formulation of Orally disintegrated (ODT) tablets

-Nitroglycerin dosage forms , spray 0.4%, sublingual 0.3 % and  injection formulation and scale up.

-Formulation and scale up of IODOFOLIC tablet, a food supplement for pregnancy and lactation (TAVAN is a partner for production).

B.API synthesis and scale up:

 Alprazolam, synthesis and scale up

 -  Nitroglycerin as an API production and scale up.

 - Erythromycin fermentation process, process development.

 - Gamma interferon fermentation process development, scale up and production.



-More Than 408 Bioequivalence Studiesfor pharmaceutical dosage form.

-Cooperation with universities for pharmaceutical dosage forms clinical trials studies.

- As a consultant for preparing pharmaceutical documents (SOPs, CTD, DMF, VMP, SMF…).

- Tavan established an applied university (2015) for workers and technicians in pharmaceutical                industry.  More than 150 technicians are studying in this university for quality and production subjects.


An outline of our testing and research specialties is described below:

-In vitro –test

-Bioequivalence study

-Assay ( HPLC, GC, UV- VIS)

-Dissolution testing




-Content uniformity

-Metal Analysis

-Heavy metals

-Water testing



-Karl fischer /LOD

-SPF test on sun protection products

-Residual solvents

-Drug stability for liquid

-Impurities analysis

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